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Friday, May 07, 2004
This arrived yesterday:



May 6, 2004

ALL ACADEMICS AND STAFF AT Campus (including Campus Healthcare)

SUBJECT: Computer Security Incident on Campus Campus

Business and Financial Services (BFS) is in the process of notifying
approximately 380,000 individuals that computer intruders may have
illegally accessed computers storing their private information. A web
server and three workstations containing names, Social Security numbers
and/or driver's license numbers were breached. Included in the total
approximate number of individuals impacted by this illegal intrusion are
2,400 current and former faculty, 1,400 current and former staff, and
178,000 current and former students. An additional 198,000 individuals
who applied to Campus but were never enrolled are also among those being

While there was evidence on one computer that an unauthorized intruder
was using disk space for DVD storage, there were no indications on any
of the machines that the private information had been accessed or
stolen. Regardless, we have taken the precautionary step of mailing
notification letters to all affected individuals. This notification
process began on Wednesday, May 5. Given the large number of individuals
involved and our desire to obtain accurate mailing addresses, we expect
the process to take two to three weeks. To assist us in spreading the
word, the University Communications Office is sending a press release to
news media across the state informing them of the incident.

If you do not receive a notification and are concerned that you could
have been affected, please take one of the following actions:

* Consult the incident web site,

* Send any questions you may have about your private information to, or

* Contact the Telephone Call Center with specific questions about your
private information: On campus 5-2830, local at 555-2830, or
toll-free (866)555-5560

We sincerely regret that this illegal intrusion has occurred, and we
have taken immediate steps to significantly strengthen our security
against potential future attacks. We have also referred this incident to
local law enforcement agencies for investigation.


Lovely. Picture me in Citibank commercial sitting on the toilet, voice dubbed by some 15 year-old Slovakian geek.