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Friday, May 14, 2010
Another number to hate on. Some robo-calling debt elimination nonsense.


Anonymous Anonymous comments:
RT CapitalDebtRelief is calling people's cellphones,from caller id's 406-224-9157 and 954-990-1588,bitch at 866-574-5068,x328

# please RT If you have a minute, please give Beth a call at 866-574-5068, x328 and say stop calling people's cellphones!

I found this contact info on Twitter! Call them bitches up like I did!
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
called the company, asked for a supervisor. he got on the phone and said we dont handle ohio anymore and hung up on me.. what a joke..
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Re: "406-224-9157" & Anonymous said...RT Capital...

I called the number (Anonymous said), left 'em the message, as suggested... A few hours later, a legitimate representative from called me, saying that someone else is using their name and calling people, but it isn't them; "We don't do that. That's illegal. We're investigating this, trying to get to the bottom of this, trying to find out who's doing the calling."

If you want to speak with the legitimate CapitolDebtRelief rep., call Chris at 954-990-1588 x 346. BTW, he was VERY cordial with me.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
I can't believe these scagliamooches, whoever they are, called me again today!