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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
The Mystery of Lincoln Trust
I posted last month about an annoying and misrepresentative email I received from a Tony Stephens at Lincoln Trust Insurance of Boca Raton, FL. I was looking at my Google Webmaster data just now and noticed that "561-204-3130" (the phone number the Lincoln Trust rep sent me) is listed as my #2 search query click. But search on that number in Google now and this blog, mysteriously, is no longer listed among the results.

There are only 2 results. Interestingly, 1 of them is a job listing posted by Joe Goldberg, Vice President of Lincoln Trust, on Click on the link and the listing is now gone. The Google cache, however, is not. Click on that and this is what you'll find:

Yeah, great career opportunity. A tech school graduate working full-time from home. A real top-notch organization you must be running there, Joe. And why exactly was an insurance company offering to find me client referrals in the first place?

Follow up: posted a query about the mysterious disappearance on google webmaster discussion group.

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Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I just received one of these e-mails promising more business. Yeah, I Googled the company name for kicks and found nothing. Another tip that made me believe this is a hoax is the e-mail address. What big company uses AOL? Please.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I was faxed the same LincolnTrust $195 vendor paperwork. One of Tony's work from home reps, Dan Drummer sent it to me. (Even though local records show his name to be Dan Dummer, I'd lie about that too probably.) I told him, I'd never paid to be someones vendor before, and exactly why does an Insurance company run a referal program? He simple said because they have so many contacts. Asked if it was cheaper, would I do it? I said No, he called back twice, I didn't answer, and he never contacted me again. Which is a good thing.
Anonymous andromeda comments:
Well, checking out the source of a highly unusual unsolicited email I received today (feb 23), I came across the three links here on The Shit List posted by Tomohiro... as well as these which may possibly be related:

Absolutely nothing came up on Insurance Business Review website on this "business".

Thanks for the heads up - what tools!
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I have received several obviously suspicious email inqiries from Lincon Trust Insurance representatives promising referral business. A whois search reveals their domain is registered by a proxy service. Complaints re spam may be directed to
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
One year ago Lincoln Trust Co rep Joe Goldberg scammed me out of money. I kept all my info and receipts because I knew in my gut it was a scam. I actually talked to this guy on the phone a number of times. This company is a total fake!! And they will take your money!!!