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Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Phone Spam: 978-570-2446

Call from home security telemarketer. When I asked if he was a robot, he hung up. So he must have been a robot.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Got a couple of calls from the same number on my cell phone. Must be a robot. Never give out my cell phone number to any companies, so the only way they would call it is just by calling random numbers and ending up with it. Would love to know who they are so that I can report them.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
You need to engage to win. You need to feign interest in the product or service - - you need to lull them into a false sense of confidence right up til you KNOW WHO THESE NIMRODS ARE - - then POST POST POSTPOST POST POST E V E R Y W H E R E who they are. . . . and we can all oblige and return the favor !!! LOL
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Get several calls from these jackasses a day. Three today in just 3 hours. Idiots.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
you can report them to with enough complaints something is supposed to happen