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Saturday, September 18, 2004
So I broke down and subscribed to Launchcast on Yahoo! It is a cool concept and at less than $30 buck for a year (well, 53 weeks with the extra week they threw in), it's a bargain.

What I've learned since subscribing is that there aren't that many bands or artists whose whole catalog I'd want to listen to. The Stones and the Kinks are about the only ones that I haven't downgraded, and that's probably because Launchcast only has rights to a couple greatest hits album. Liz Phair was in the all-good category, until that last album. [Note to self: add that album to List.] I can't tell you how much moaning crap from Radiohead I've had to listen to (or skip.)

Other problem: no Beatles or U2. No Who either, except for that Live at Leeds album which I promptly blacklisted. It needs these staples. What happens is it end up being like any other popular radio station, where if you listen for any length of time, you keep hearing the same songs over and over until, to quote Milhouse, the words lose all meaning.

Hence, its paradoxical inclusion in both lists.

A couple gems I've discovered: Neil Young's Greendale album (I've heard the accompanying movie is crap) and the album which the Polyphonic Spree put out this year (which also has that cool, creepy website with the helium-breathed weirdos.)

Now, I'm just channeling pure classical. At least, it's an education.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
sorry LaunchCast is missing some bands you really like :( .... but it would mean a heap of bunch coolness to me if you would try out a LaunchCast blog plugin I'm pimping out ... its kinda cool ... easier to install to explain ..