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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Anonymous said...

sorry LaunchCast is missing some bands you really like :( .... but it would mean a heap of bunch coolness to me if you would try out a LaunchCast blog plugin I'm pimping out ... its kinda cool ... easier to install to explain ..

I guess I shouldn't be personally offended that LAUNCHcast posts attract spam. But I am. Thanks for the sympathy, asshole. But I think 9 different blogs on 6 different hosts is enough. Your nifty little plugin isn't going to get me any closer to "Ticket to Ride." And introduce yourself, for Christ's sake.

And, c'mon, Jason Mraz? I don't care if he's been on World Cafe twice. He's Shit List material. And now, so are you.

(Do like the neat simple layout of your site, by the way.)
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
You and this guy ( think my communication is SPAM. FYI ... thats like 2 out of 15.

None-the-less I'm slightly bothered by the antisocial reaction of the few who think they can identify spam.

SPAM promotes crappy offers by the thousands and millions. They don't care about having a good offer because they think the cost of their communication is zero .... I on the other hand send personal letters to people who have publicly expressed an interest in blogging and LaunchCast. I can rationalize spending the time and cost doing so because an actually very high frequency of people not only start using my product, but they thank me ... and even tell others.

But like I said ... not everyone likes it .... you and rat boy ( are the 2 big objecters so far.

Glad you like the interface layout ;)
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
It's not spam. Don't let this cynic psycho hurt your campaign.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
And I'll try not to let that last comment hurt my feelings. (You'd just better not be one of the freaks searching "women eating shit.")

Google rewards me for anyone using the links for their ads posted on my site. What are these Launchcast Blog Thing jokers giving me for clickthroughs?

It's spam.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
The LaunchCast Thing doesn't have a monetary reward system YET. Currently all click go to a page promoting the LaunchCast thing.

In the very near future I plan for clicks to go to a page much more enjoyable by the blog's readers and monetarily financial to the blog owner.

Why its good for the blog's readers:

1. Find other bloggers interested in artist.
2. Quick links to Google image, Google News, or Feedster search for artist.
3. Place to put comments about artist and link back to own blog.
4. Convienent reviews of albums and links to Amazon.
5. Convienent links to purchase song on ITunes.

Why its good for blog owner:
1. Receive commissions from Amazon
2. Receive commissions from Itunes
3. Automicly get entered as a fan and attract new readers. (compliment to #1 from above)

Why its good for me:
1. Attract more users.
2. Cross sell users on other (for pay) services.
3. Drive traffic to a music fan portal that generates ad revenue.
Conversation isn't spam.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
Well, I'm not won over yet. But I'll try to keep an open mind. I may even try it out someday.

Still, you're going to have to drop Jason Mraz Live! from the home page if you ever hope to get off The List. It's not that I'm trying to be unreasonable. I mean I could even look the other way on something like Green Day. But I draw the line at Jason Mraz.