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Friday, September 12, 2003
Johnny Cash is about the only person I can think of (excepting, maybe, Queen Elizabeth I -- and E.O. Wilson) who was cooler at 65 than most people at 25.

In memory, Shel Silverstein's sequel to "A Boy Named Sue" :

The Father of the Boy Named Sue

Yeah, I lef� home when the kid was three.
It sure felt good to be fancy free
Tho I knew it wasn�t quite the fatherly thing to do.
But that kid kept screamin� and throwin� up
And pissin� in his pants til I had enough
So just for revenge I went and named him Sue.

It was Gatlinberg in mid July
I was gettin' drunk but gettin' by
Gettin' old and going from bad to worse
When thru the door with an awful scream
Comes the ugliest queen I�ve ever seen
He says my name is Sue. How do you do?
Then he hits me with his purse.

Now this ain�t the way he tells the tale
But he scratched my face with his fingernails
And then he bit my thumb
and kicked me with his high-heeled shoe.
So I hit him in the nose, and he started to cry
And he threw some perfume in my eye
And it sure ain�t easy fightin with a boy named Sue.

So I hit him in the head with a caned-back chair
And he screamed, �Hey Dad, you mussed my hair!�
And he hit me in the navel and knocked out a piece of my lint.
He was spittin' blood. I was spittin teeth.
And we crashed through the wall and out into the street
A-kickin and gougin' in the mud and the blood and the cr�me de menth.

Then out of his garter he pulls a gun.
I�m about to get shot by my very own son.
He�s screamin' about Sigmund Freud and lookin' grim.
So I thought fast and I told him some stuff
How I named him Sue just to make him tough.
And I guess he bought it, cuz now I�m livin' with him.

Yeah, he cooks and sews and cleans up the place.
He cuts my hair and shaves my face.
And irons my shirts better than a daughter could do.
And on the nights that I can�t score,
Well, I can�t tell you anymore.

Sure is a joy to have a boy named Sue.
Yeah, a son is fun,
But it�s a joy to have a boy named Sue.