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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Not a big Phish fan. But still shocked and bewildered by this item, also reported by AP:

> Phish Bassist Charged After N.Y. Concert
> Tue Aug 19, 6:13 PM ET
> WANTAGH, N.Y. - The bass player for Phish was charged with
> endangering the welfare of a minor and trespassing after he
> was found with a 9-year-old girl following a concert by The
> Dead, authorities said Tuesday.
> Mike Gordon, 38, was arrested on Aug. 11, after the moth-
> er of the girl became concerned that she could not find the
> youngster in the backstage area at Jones Beach Theater
> in Long Island, New York State Park Police Maj. Richard
> O'Donnell said in a statement.
> Gordon and the girl were subsequently found together
> in an enclosed boathouse that is part of the backstage
> area, police said. Phish was not performing at the
> concert.
> Marcia Horowitz, a spokeswoman for the band, issued
> what she described as a joint statement from Gordon
> and the girl's family. The statement called the incident
> "an unfortunate misunderstanding, and we look
> forward to putting this matter behind us."
> Gordon, a New York City resident, was issued a desk
> appearance ticket requiring him to report to First District
> Court in Hempstead on Sept. 29. The case was first
> reported by WNBC-TV.
> A spokesman for Nassau County District Attorney Denis
> Dillon said he had no further information about the case.
> "As we get the information, we will evaluate this case as
> we do every case," spokesman Rick Hinshaw said.
> Gordon, a founding member of the jam band, is to release
> his solo debut, "Inside In," on Tuesday. The album is a
> complement to his 2000 movie "Outside Out," which he
> starred in and also directed.

"9-year-old?" "Enclosed boathouse?" "An unfortunate misunderstanding"? What, were they discussing Spongebob Squarepants? Not sure what this is all about, but all sounds pretty Phishy.