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Monday, September 08, 2008
I finally signed up for the free Triple Alert credit monitoring I qualified for when a vendor for one of my online brokers lost my private information earlier this year. It's happened 4 times to me this year thanks to both college alma mater and, most recently, my own fucking company.

The letter I received for the free credit monitoring also suggested I signed up for a free credit report with -- not to be confused with the website of that ass-sucking company that inundates the cable news channels with those imbecilic commercials with the guy singing.

First of all, let me point out that they don't give you your actual credit score. You have to pay extra for that. They just give you your report. The fucking weasels.

They do however tell you what ratfucker firms are requesting your information. Here they are. See the address for #1 to understand why that weasel Joe Biden voted for the bankruptcy consumer-ass-fucking act of last year. They've requested my info every month for at least a year straight. And notice the salad-tossers don't even list their phone number. Fuck them all. I hope all their executives and senior management DIAF.

PO BOX 15316
WILMINGTON , DE 19850-5316
Phone number not available

PO BOX 981537
EL PASO , TX 79998
(800) 874-2717

P O BOX 9007
Phone number not available