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Thursday, May 15, 2008
OLPC Sucks MS Balls
You may remember OLPC from such rants as "No Laptop Per Me program update". Well, they've pissed me off again.

First, let me say I finally got my laptop near the end of February. Played with it for about a week. Some things were fun. But generally it was slow and certain touted features like being able to peek at the source code of any application don't seem to work yet. It's been relegated to trips, where it's handy, but are very occasional.

Now OLPC has done something that totally -- well, it just saddens me. Like when a cute girl spurns you for some douchebag you know will break her heart. They've inked a deal with Microsoft. /. is there with the requisite contempt and scorn.

I agree with Oscar Wilde: I like people better then principles and I like people with no principles best of all. But Microsoft is the tool of tools.

Can I still get my refund, Mr. Negroponte?
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