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Friday, August 04, 2006
Tony Stephens at LincolnTrust
Initially Tony Stephens cold called me offering to refer new clients to me. I brushed him off, figuring his time would be better spent suckering in the next rube on his call list.

Apparently, what I took for a one-off annoying phone soliciation was actually the start of a dynamic new business partnership. This morning he sent me the following email:

And then this one:

Yeah, I eagerly await your call.

The application requests a check for $195. I didn't bother to open the letter.

If you would like to take advantage of Tony's services, he can be contacted as follows:

Tony Stephens
LincolnTrust Insurance Group, Inc.
7040 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 641
Boca Raton, Florida 33433-3483
Phone: (561) 204-3130


Anonymous Denius comments:
Thnaks for this caution, saved me wasting any more time when I got a "come-on" email
It did not look really genuine anyway, and no phone no is a real warning.
Maybe he's Nigerian....
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
"maybe he's Nigerian"

That's funny! It does seem like one of those, "We'd like to deposit 14Million US dollars in your bank acct." scams. Thanks for the heads up, I was just contacted by him about "client referral".

No address, no phone number, hmmmmmm... Shady
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Yeah, I was a SUCKER. Beware of the Partner "Group Administrator" Edgar S. Whittenhouse and Joseph Goldberg "Vice President". I too got the same email but mine was actually a fax and I did send him the $195 to sign up never to hear from him again. I've called numerous times and of course the # is disconnected. If you get a call from ANY of these bozo's RUN!!!