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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
International Conspiracies Afoot in the Hot Lead Co Comments
Weird comments on the Hot Lead Co page lately. (Names changed to protect the identity of possibly innocent parties):

velvet mafia said...

Hi to all,

Finally we have found the BOTHERSOME WOMAN!!! Surprising !!Woman!! the principle bothersome person is a woman named <removed> from City of Far Eastern Country (she is the leader of group) !!! she has previously lived in US State. They are a team (in Far Eastern Country so-called VELVET MAFIA) to organize this boring insanity for us. The main origin has been from Far Eastern Country not from California! They have done it somehow with excellent and skillful computerized and internet facility.

Please do not ask us how could we find out it, because I if want to disclose it then it would be so harmful for someones in somehow, we also know what is the exact idea of this group to act like that. Any how it is better to be contacted them and stop them for bothering any more, her phone number in Far Eastern Country is <removed>.

2:00 AM

Hi Coolio

It's not from Far Eastern Country. You are liar and fraud,

2:28 AM

Hi Coolio from Middle Eastern Country.

You are going to be arrested in Far Eastern Country soon. I will say about this kind of things to Far Eastern Country police because they asked me to report anything about you. Be careful.

2:40 AM

I've erased these as they draw attention away from the true villians here, who are not the Yakuza or the Iranians, but of course, the Hot Lead Co.

By the way, Hot Lead Co comments now now at 142! (Yet, the Hot Lead Co. appears stronger than ever...)

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