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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Another call from another douchebag trying to get some deadbeat to pay her fucking bill. Except the deadbeat listed my fucking number. And now I got these douchebags harrassing me.

Goddammit, Sandy! Pay off your fucking Nordstrom's card, or whatever the fuck it is. Then call these douchebags back:

1-888-265-2242 x.3379
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
This company is debt a collector
named American Coradius Internaltional also with offices and phones as follows:

CCAG 16828 , American Coradius International, LLC 2420 Sweet Home Rd., Suite 150 Amherst NY 14228 716-580-6102

CCAG 16830 , American Coradius International, LLC 560 W. Main
St. Arcade NY 14009 716-492-8100

CCAG 16827 , American Coradius International, LLC 3556 Lakeshore Avenue, Suite 215 Buffalo NY 14219 716-270-1812

consumer collection agency or "CCAG") and license number

A total of 828 consumer collection agencies are currently licensed in Connecticut.