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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Another unidentified called I suspect of telemarketer douchebaggery. If you have any info, comment below.


Anonymous Anonymous comments:
A computerized auto-calling system is contacting Wahshington Mutual customers and claiming that your card has been fraudently used!! To identfiy that you are this person, put in the last four digits of your SS# and so on and so on. I hunt these assholes for a living (onLine) and I fell for this one because they had the last four digits of my credit card and identified me. I blew it and gave them my personal info and now have to change my life as in all my credit cards and such. This is a REAL form of terrorisim. Don't be fooled by assholes (just like the one who is posting here) saying it is not true. They are here with us in our own backyard. The largest infestation of pissed off middle easterners is right here in Glendale Califorina. Be vigilant! Report suspicious activity not to just the FCC but HomeLand security as well. Digital terrorisim is very affordable. Hey these guys in Texas are just a front!! (The Hot Lead Co) Texans have been known to sell out for the right price $$$ Take back our country stir some shit up report an asshole today. And to think I used to be a hippy.
Anonymous a true asshole comments:
Don't be fooled by assholes (just like the one who is posting here) saying it is not true.

Would that be me? Or you?
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Hey I never said I wasn't an asshole ... I have been called much worse. It's just that we need to pay attention to THE assholes that think that they can kill americans for their god. I'm just an old hippy who is damn tired of today's mis-guided killers that are taking away our way of life in a free country. BTW that includes our own who think they can justify killing for their god (otherwi$e known a$ ca$h) We need to get up off of our asses and stand up for what we beleive in before we turn into passive pussies. My idea of taking action is to use brains not bulletts. We have more technology in our coutry than any where in the world and we can not even find the chicken so we may cut its head off. I think he could be hiding here in the states. After all our money is all wrapped up in the middle east making parking lots out of mud huts.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
What's all this then?
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
by the way, these donkey-raping assholes called me again yesterday.
Anonymous paidyu comments:
these peopel just called me. what is this stupid advertizing crap? I hate it!
Anonymous Jessica comments:
I got a call today from this number on my cell phone. It was a recording of a woman offering mortgages. Does anyone really fall for this? I'm in Norcal.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
We got a call from this number about a month ago. I pressed "1" and politely asked to be removed from their list. A week later, a 2nd call came from the same place. Again, I asked to be removed from their list. Two weeks and FOUR calls later, I've had it. Today I registered a formal complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's office. (In the state of Colorado there is a mandate regarding phone solicitation. $10,000 fine for each registered, founded complaint!) So, if you live in colorado and REALLY want to get back at those fuck-head solicitors, REGISTER A FORMAL COMPLAINT AGAINST (602)624-4928 AT:
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Like the last person, I've been called several times in the last couple weeks by these people. I'm in CA so I'll have to see if our attorney general will do anything against these creeps. I did notice that the recording doesn't start until you say something so if you pick up the phone and don't say anything it just waits. Is there someway this could be used against them?
Anonymous rachel comments:
Just called me! Third time in last week! SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THEM!!!
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
This number just called (11:34 PST - 9/30/06)with a cheery taped woman's voice offering home mortages at 1% - so I can go live my life and enjoy it, etc. It says push 1 to hear more - I did not! There's an ARM loan scam going on - it might be that. Who doesn't want a 1% rate on their mortgage? Some poor folks may say yes and hit 1...
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
I actually finally broke down and pressed 1 so I might speak to Dorothy personally. This is what happened.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
So put ur name on the no call list! i had those people calling my house to i put my number on the no call list and it all stopped!
Anonymous Brad comments:
Dorothy used to call me a lot and then she stopped. Now she's calling me again from this number and it looks like I'm not alone: 602-624-4928.

She's calling me from a couple other numbers occasionally as well. Dorothy's a bitch. Anyone know where she lives?