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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Internet Explorer
Hate it. Absolutely hate the fucking thing. Granted it's better now that they've followed Mozilla in adding all the new security and management features. But those should have been there at least 18 months ago. And still no tabbed browsing to my knowledge.

Anyway, I noticed that the Google ads posted on this site show up just as they are supposed to in Firefox, but don't appear in IE. It's possible I've coded it incorrectly. But I'm wondering if IE is somehow programmed or preconfigured to block them automatically. This would be a very nefarious way for MS to cockblock Google, since I have the impression Adwords is the major component of Google's business model.

Haven't found anything to confirm this. But I have raised the question about the non-appearing adwords with Google.

Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
Looked at the site using IE on another computer and saw the ads, so it must have been something specific to my computer -- not sure what exactly. Something to do with the latest Windows update and that new Security feature.

Still hate IE, regardless.