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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
The Power of Blog?
Ok, we've all heard how bloggers broke the story on the forge Bush national guard memos, while missing the important point (the content of the documents was true.) Anyway, this is even BIGGER!

Since posting my DSL rant last week, I have:

1. Received two phone calls from a technician in India
2. Received an email from a Tier Technical Support rep with a repliable email address and a phone number at which to contact her.

And then, the coup de grace:

The techs in India determine the problem is in our phone lines and today, out of nowhere, SBC sends out to our house a tech who spends three hours checking and repairing our lines. The DSL service already seemed to be working a bit better. Now we're even getting better phone reception! I feel like a chubby teenager on Extreme Makeover.

I'd like to think that this would have happened even if I hadn't posted my rant. But, at the very least, it seems to have accelerated the process.

It is that paradox of the open market. Complain, grip, act like a jerk, file frivolous lawsuits and, in the long run everyone is better off for it. Grin and bear it (like the English) and you end up with higher prices and lousy service (like the English.) Still, you should try to be as civil as possible while still getting the service to which you are morally entitled.

So though it's not really the purpose of this blog to make nice and recognize a job well done, honor demands some acknowledgement of the quality of the service I have received. SBC support wins my praise, keeps my business, AND COMES OFF THE LIST. (I don't know if it's ever happened before.)

Thanks Keamoe, the service guy who came to our house today whoever you were (I was at work), third shift at the call center halfway around the world, and Blogger for the soapbox to sound off from.

Tomorrow, back on topic: why democracy burns my crack.