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Monday, February 04, 2008
Give One Get The Run-Around Program
I hate to bad-mouth a worthy cause like the OLPC program. But motherfucker. I signed up for their goddamned Give One Get One program last November and still haven't got my fucking Fisher-Price laptop. What's worse, every time I email them, I get a fucking form letter.

But what really pisses me off is that people in Canada are getting their laptops before me. And they were supposed to get them after all the American donors got theirs.

Also, I ordered before the first deadline. Then they extended it for like a month. Now I'm told that they've run out of supplies. Motherfucker. I guess this is why do-gooders can't be trusted with the management of enterprise-scale operations. But then again, who can?

I finally called and got referred to a website where, when I enter my order number, I receive the message:

Your donation is at our warehouse and your laptop is in the process of being shipped.

I hope so. Hippies.