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Friday, May 04, 2007
SecondLife FAQ
A co-worker in Sales just heard about SecondLife and was asking me what it was, like I'd be the just the uber-loser expert to consult on the subject. Luckily, he'd just read Neuromancer, so I told him, it's kinda like what Gibson imagined way back then -- you know, the Matrix -- but in its early, lame infant stages.

For anyone else with questions, here's my SecondLife FAQ, lifted straight from the comments of Slashdot:

The real question is... Who the hell actually plays Second Life? I see tons of stories on /. and digg about it, but out of all the incredibly geeky people I know, none of them plays Second Life (or at least they wont admit to it).

I'm convinced that the only people "playing" second life are the people writing these articles. I think that technology columnists are fascinated with the idea of second life, and love to write about it. I can't fault them for that, because the idea does have interesting implications, but I think they do us all a disservice by continually giving attention to a "phenomenon" that no one actually cares about.

After reading countless articles about this wonderful new world of second life, I decided to check it out. What a piece of bloated crap-ware. I don't think the idea behind second life is worthless, but it's current incarnation is a joke.

I don't have a PS3, and have no plans currently to purchase one, but I think their new "Home" has a better chance of becoming popular than second life ever will.

source: /. comment #18476401

Do you have a SecondLife character?
Hell no. Plus, I have a crappy video card, so I couldn't play even if I wanted to.

For more information, see:
second life safari (