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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Small Tits, Big Cleavage.

Look, I don't know why my friend and I talk about this kind of crap. We're guys. We just do. My friend's even gay and he still talks about this.

Anyway, the observation was his, the acronym mine. Thanks to mind-boggling advances in female under-garment technology, it's not the contradiction you'd think it was.

This was inspired by that scene in the latest Sopranos where AJ asks his Puerto Rican girlfriend to marry her. They're in a nice restaurant. She's showing off some hella wicked d├ęcolletage. My gay friend pointed out her cleavage. Like I didn't notice. But that got us on the subject, because neither of us felt her boobs were big enough to justify that kind of cleavage.

But then I told him about some of my girlfriends and their ability to bump up two cup sizes with the right hardware.

So there you have it. Tell Urban Dictionary to stop the presses.