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Friday, April 27, 2007
Numbers I Hate: 1-800-430-1873
New annoying pre-recorded telemarketer call this morning telling me I had won (eligibility) for a 4-night Carnival cruise. Sounded like it had been recorded by a drunken retard. Carnival should sue these scumbags for further tarnishing their already tarnished name.

Anyone else get this crap?


Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Yeah, I got that crap.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Just checked my messages; got one telling me to call that number . . . sounds like I just won a trip to Hawaii. My lucky day.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
yeah, me too. Trip to Hawaii if I call 800-430-1873.Is this a scam?
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
Is this a scam?

Does a Pope poop in the woods?
Blogger c h r i s t i n e comments:
ya. seriously. he sounds like a deranged Howdy Doody.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I also won a 4 day cruise if I simply call that number back - maybe I will see you all there... what a joke - pissed that they are calling me on my cell phone.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Man, I must be really low on their list. I only won a 2 night cruise on Carnival. These guys need to have cell phones shoved up their arses until they are full, all set on vibrate. Then call them all at once and watch them explode in a wonderous technicolor glory. I'll be really ticked if they manage to charge me for answering my phone.