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Your Privacy Threatened


Friday, January 13, 2006
US Postal Service
I actually think the post office gets a bad rap -- I'm sure they earned the reputation for laziness and inefficiency at one point. But in my experience, they've done a pretty good job of undermining the cliche.

Until today!

A couple weeks ago, I put in an order online for 3 100-ct coils of the new self-adhesive stamps. Yesterday, I get my order: 3 PANELS of NON-ADHESIVE stamps. So I walk over to my conveniently located local post office here in our office complex this morning to do a simple exchange -- and they tell me they can't fucking do it!

So I dig up my email confirmation, find this line:

and send off an email explaining my predicament. And a couple hours later, this is the reply:

Oh, Kennedy -- I remember you from MTV.

Fuck the postal service! If it wasn't for rubes in red-state backwaters, it'd probably all be privatized and cheaper (for developed urban areas) by now.