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Friday, January 06, 2006
Weak Flippers
Thought I was going out of my fucking mind, then I read this:

Had Windows 98 a couple of years ago and 3d pinball worked great on there no problem. Got so addicted to the game! Got XP this year and gave up on the game because of 'weak flipper syndrome'...really upset me! Just tried kljsdf09j43's advice and ran the media player in the background...the difference is amazing! Maybe the game has a mind of its own and gets lonely?! Real weird though. Now i just need to try and concentrate on the game and not the music! hahahaha!! THANKS GUYS!

Yes, I actually opened up Google and researched the fucking pinball game on Windows.

Just one more reason I hate fucking Windows. (Though after 5 hours troubleshooting Linux the other day and still not getting it to run, not too happy with it either.)

In short, fuck operating systems. Computers would run better if we could just get rid of them all together!