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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Deconstructing a Dating Site
Here's how the job options are listed:

Here's how they're coded:

<option value="P_Job_01">Executive / Management</option>
<option value="P_Job_02">Administrative / Secretarial</option>
<option value="P_Job_03">Financial services</option>
<option value="P_Job_04">Political / Govt / Civil Service / Military</option>
<option value="P_Job_05">Artistic / Creative / Performance</option>
<option value="P_Job_06">Sales / Marketing</option>
<option value="P_Job_07">Technical / Computers / Engineering</option>
<option value="P_Job_08">Teacher / Professor</option>
<option value="P_Job_09">Retail / Food services</option>
<option value="P_Job_10">Legal</option>
<option value="P_Job_11">Medical / Dental / Veterinary</option>
<option value="P_Job_12">Labor / Construction</option>
<option value="P_Job_13">Travel / Hospitality / Transportation</option>
<option value="P_Job_14">Self-Employed</option>
<option value="P_Job_15">Student</option>
<option value="P_Job_16">Retired</option>
<option value="P_Job_17">Other profession</option>
<option value="P_Job_00">No Answer</option>

Executive - 1, Retired - 16. I wonder if there is some kind of heuristic implicit in that.