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Monday, April 04, 2005
Spent the weekend building the empire. One byte at a time.

Had to beat a hasty retreat from the capital here at the keyboard late Saturday afternoon. So I went down the hill for some Taco Nazis and then killed a couple hours at Borders reading the plays of Edward Albee before returning home.

The only comfortable chairs to read in in the whole bookstore were over in a corner by the magazine section near the cafe. While I was reading, some jackass pastor was wandering around over in the cafe while carrying on on his cell phone about the sermon he was going to give tomorrow and how whoever he was talking to should send her kid over after school for some bible study and spirtual counseling. If he was Catholic, he would have been angling to bugger the kid. As he was some version of Protestant, he was probably angling to bugger the kid's mom.

Only NOT in LA...