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Thursday, March 31, 2005
The email I sent them:

I'm writing on behalf of my company. We received a letter from you claiming that we are possibly liable for taxes for doing business since 1999 in a city that has contracted with you. I have reviewed our records and find no evidence that we did business with any entities in this city. If you have specific information indicating otherwise, please email it to me.

Furthermore, can you provide a contact with the city in question so that I can verify that your letter and your services are legitimate and authorized by them?

Thank you,

Tomohiro Idokoro

Their response:

Thank you for your reply to our notice. If you can sign the attached statement and return it we will clear up your case. Thank you again for your attention to this matter.

Wes Johnson

The attached statement is a "Penalty of Perjury Statement." Ha! Did we learn nothing from Martha Stewart?

Take a phlying phuck, Wes.

If you need to contact Wes or anyone else at MAS, or you simply wish to fax-blast their Compliance Center offices, here is their contact info:

Municipal Auditing Services
P.O. Box 6590
Fresno, CA 93703-6590

Phone: 559-291-5990
Fax: 559-291-5999

I just got some harassing letter from them because I make art out of my apartment and thought I might do craft fairs at some point, so I got a license, and then realized I'm not that ambitious, and let it expire. So now they want to audit my taxes for the last six years.
Thanks, but I've already had my identity stolen twice and I'm not handing over my paperwork to some asshole company that has red flags all over it on the internet.
Great way to make money off everyone else by doing the least amount of work possible though guys. Dicks.