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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Listening to Howard Stern whine this morning how Jay Leno rips off all his stupid little bits and then I see the urbandictionary word of the day:

body spam

Unsolicited physical contact.

Hug from Aunt Zelda at Thanksgiving. "Dude, Aunt Zelda totally just body spammed me!"

Source: partee, Apr 2, 2005

Compare to this:

emotional spam

that crap that your mom, minister, or significant other is always trying to fill your psychological inbox with

"Dude, Tracy blasted me with an emotional spam attack after I cancelled on her lame Walt Disney World plans at the last minute."

Source: Tomohiro Idokoro, Mar 4, 2005

A new word:


To steal or take inspiration from someone else's idiomatic invention without acknowledgement. Viz., when someone takes inspiration from your urbandictionary contribution to come up with their own and they end up being word of the day.

Compare [emotional spam] and [body spam]

Also, the resulting emotion.

That word skank partee slangered me big time.