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Friday, April 15, 2005
Just got a call from an Indian call center claiming to be asking for my fax number. Woman was very vague about what it was all about. Obviously, they pulled my number from my whois record. I'm going to guess that they wanted to fax me something suggesting I owed money to some bogus international internet-oversight organization.

Gave me a phone number for some reason:


Very fishy.
Blogger Admin comments:
Hello, I found your posting using a google search. I have been receiving these same calls for days now. Have you found out any more information about this company? My best guess is that it is a scam, trying to get your fax number, address, and personal info.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
My original post was a while ago so the details may have changed. That is, you may have been called by a different company than I was as I suspect the 800 numbers get recycled and/or the company making the calls contract out to a number of different companies with a variety of motives for contacting you. For what it's worth, in my case, I concluded that the company picked my contact info up off a whois registry and was trying to get me to renew my domain name (which wasn't up for renewal for several months anyway) at about 3x the charge I could get it for elsewhere.