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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
David Brooks in today's Times sounding like a fucking Quaker:

Wolfe sprinkles his book with observations about how the word "immoral" now seems obsolete, about how sophisticated people now reject the idea of absolute evil, about a hypermaterialistic neuroscience professor who can use the word "soul" only when it is in quotation marks.

Brooks and Wolfe, for looking askance on scientifically informed contempt for the notion of a soul, I curse you both to God:

Oh Lord, I entreat you, in your infinite mystery and absence, to demonstrate unequivocally, for the benefit of these poor scared souls, Brooks and Wolfe, the fact of your non-existence. And arrange for something really embarrassing about that other opportunistic, sexually repressed moralizer, David Frum, to come out while you're at it.