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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Morning in America
I'm not a religious man. Which is partly why the results in this last election made me as sick to my stomach as they did. But I'm thinking about getting into black magic. Not that I believe this kind of shit. But I imagine anyone who believes in angels, magical Palestineans, heaven, or god would. So this could be very empowering.

Driving to work today, some prick in a white Mercedes S500 (license plate no. 4LJJ372) with a God Bless America sticker on the bumper cut me off. So instead flipping him off, rear-ending him when he had to stop at the next stop light, and throwing him a project beating before we exchange insurance information, like I normally would do, I simply cursed him. Cursed him to hell. Actually, even better, I asked God to curse him to hell. God, I said, curse this motherfucker to hell. For the sin of impatience and having a God Bless America sticker on a luxury German import. That's right, dude, you're fucked. God has cursed you to hell.

If you can think of other ways to make this guy's life and afterlife miserable, please let me know.