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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
It doesn't give me names or credit card numbers, but I just discovered an interesting little feature to my free hit counter for this page -- it lists the search terms for referring search engines. A list of some of the searches that have led unwitting visitors to my door this month:

MSN : NPR equivalency humanist

MSN : shit your pan


MSN : ant grasshopper moral story democrat response

Yahoo : women being eaten

Yahoo : hollywood shit list

Yahoo : www.dellsupport customer

Yahoo : this guy paid me to eat my shit

Yahoo : reinstall+WME+dell

Yahoo : download lexmark x73 printer driver

Feedster : 100 MB

Yahoo : +"Ameritrade promotion"

Yahoo : beyonce knowles nipple shot at nba all star game

Yahoo UK : buddha finger film

Yahoo : women taking shit sex

Yahoo : troubleshoot dell axim 30

Yahoo Canada : oui magazine arnold shwarzenegger

Yahoo : eating her shit

Yahoo : 'post-apocalyptic pregnant'

MSN : shit fucking action gallery

Yahoo : China flies Buddha's finger to HK

MSN : download louden wainwright III

MSN : gatlinberg horse back riding

AltaVista :

Yahoo : shootout at the ok carroll movie

Yahoo Japan : free sample video menth

Vivisimo : ???

"gatlinberg horse back riding"? There are some sick fucks out there.

Proof that Google is a superior search engine: it doesn't cough up hairballs like this blog.