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Oh shit: 360-474-3926 Calls Are From Mitt Romney!

Dial 360-474-3926 for assmunch

Well that was instantaneous...

3 Straight Calls from 360-474-3926

Phone Spam: 714-782-9243

Phone Spam: 253-246-8515

Phone Spam: 856-229-9062

Phone Spam: 630-995-4457

Phone Spam: 508-475-1968

Phone Spam: 213-232-0826


Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Android Crapware
All of the sudden today I have a bunch of shitty new share options on my Android phone:

* Baidu Space
* Blinklist
* Ren Ren
* Simpy
* Yahoo Buzz
* Yahoo China

Where did this scumware come from? I haven't installed any new apps to my knowledge. None are listed are apps on my phone. Even more ominous: googling these terms turns up zilch!

Has China hacked my phone? What the fuck is going on?

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Blogger 3roi comments: