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Friday, May 04, 2012
3 Straight Calls from 360-474-3926

Telemarketers are totally exploiting cell phone numbers, probably stealing our phone numbers and data from smartphone apps. Looking at you, Facebook. Fuck everything about this.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Hey. Everybody who has the ability to forward these calls to another number. How about if we pick the number of our "FAVORITE" (NOT) Congress person. You know, the ones who are TAKING MONEY FROM THE BIG CORRUPT, EVIL CORPORATIONS like ATT, VERIZON, TIME WARNER, all the BIG BANKS and others to look the other way while THEY SELL OUR PHONE NUMBERS to anyone and EVERYONE **in order to keep us scrambling*** from these calls. (If we are 'scrambling' we can't pay attention to how these corporations are RAIDING OUR TREASURY and TRYING TO TAKE AS MANY RIGHTS AWAY FROM US AS POSSIBLE.

After you get a SPAM call, IF you can, PROGRAM your PHONES to FORWARD EACH and EVERY SPAM number to RING AT the OFFICE NUMBER (or CELL or Home number, if you can find it!) of the CONGRESSPERSON you most want to PAY ATTENTION and GET THE MESSAGE about this.

After our "Beloved" representatives start getting INUNDATED with THOUSANDS of these calls,
Call Type: Telemarketer
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Just had this number call me, too, just out of the blue.. I am in Wichita, KS.. not cool. I don't owe anyone anything.. and I don't give out my number..
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
These a$$holes just called me 3 times in 30 minutes, even though I, CLEARLY told them to add me to their DNC list! The "survey" was one question ('do you think congress is effective?', followed by begging for money for Romney (who I wouldn't piss on if his face was on fire-Obama either!). Fuck these politicians: *EVERY ONE OF THEM*!!!