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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Phone Spam: 253-246-8515

Three calls from these fuckers in last 12 hours. Also a call from 253-246-8552. I'm sure it's the same jerks who've been calling me for months. They seem to periodically change numbers to disguise their fuckerness.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
This number has called me hundreds of times on my cell - which is Do Not Call registered. MANY times I've called back to "opt not to receive future calls by pressing 1 - please allow 24 hours."

Waaaay more than 24 hours and they call and call and call, robots. ARREST THESE SWINE!
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
They continually call my cell so I now use Mr Number to block their calls.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Has something to do with a school, if you in fact made inquiries to any. Kaplan University or some online thingy like that. Or maybe your friend put the number in for you, just to bug you.