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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Here Be Trolls
After this post, a minor spike in traffic from google along with anonymous comments like this one:

That's probably true. Thanks for the smiley face.

By the way, if you're looking for a studio apartment in the Upper 80s, you might be interested in this:


Anonymous Anonymous comments:
hmm...perhaps we should contact ben jackson's current roomie in this $1290 apt. to inquire about the validity of his email wildfire that promises an income which would allow you to afford such an apt. via participating in his home-based business...
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
p.s. i definitely heeded your complaint - as if it weren't obvious enough already =)
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
hey i-dorko,
for someone who's such a stickler for details, the "anonymous comment" about how poor-little-old-you keeps letting himself get dicked over was in response to your whine-fest regarding amazon, not ben jackson. but, then again, all you do is bitch, so i guess it stands to reason that you would get your soapboxes mixed up. and, if you trust anything you find on the internet, then you deserve to get taken for a ride. maybe one of these days you'll venture away from your computer and into the real world and get laid for once. not that that would end your bitterness. but you probably weigh about 600 pounds, so you'd have to find a chick whom you equal in ballast.
and, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you yourself, i-dorko, were the one who added the "anonymous" comments to "here be trolls".
and, it's an asterisk, not an exclamation mark, dumbass = )
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
strike my last comment about the is indeed an exclamation least some people can admit when they are wrong and not just try save face by creating alternate "anonymous" identities...but, you probably are a schizo as well who is mad at the world and feels that he is owed some sort of recognition for these "relavent" discoveries he makes that i'm sure will save the world. = )
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
i'm a female, mind you, and despite the "anonymous" title that i've decided to maintain in order to refrain from making these posts personal...i am definitely not the person who created the original post...just got an email that i thought might be a scam and googled the name of the sender and i am
although i, undoubtedly, will be labeled hipocritical for the following comment, i'm willing to make it anyway: i find it interesting that another "anonymous" writer will go to such great lengths and waste life's precious time to continuously talk down in a crude manner to someone who is simply exercising their freedom of speech along with making hollow assumptions about others who post "anonymous" comments simply because they can...
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you yourself, i-dorko, were the one who added the "anonymous" comments to "here be trolls"

What's even more bizarre: I'm the one who added your comment, too.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
guess i don't have the right to exercise my free speech, but everyone else does. i just don't understand why someone is glorified for having a website that is set up for the sole purpose of complaining about things that will never get rectified by sitting at a computer and bitching. so before i go on to waste "life's precious time", let me go on to tell you, i-dorko, that it's "hypocritical"- not "hipocritical". guess the uber-intelligent mensa member who knows all the ins and outs of the world, i-dorko, never heard of a dictionary. = )