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Monday, September 24, 2007
Viva-Media's No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker 2
I do a lot of work at my computer and I like to have a simple game running in the background that I can check with every once in a while to break the monotony. Free Cell is great for that, but I'm getting a little sick of it, so I thought I'd brush up my poker game a little bit and pick up a decent Texas Hold'em game.

Bought this at Target for $10. It says on the label "No Limit" but the amount you can actually bet is fixed. What a joke. Tried to return it, but because it's software and it had been opened, Target wouldn't take it back. So I just dumped it in the trash and am going to order a real game, like this one:

Poker Academy v2.0

Don't buy any of those $10 games at Target. They're utter crap. Just order a used game online.