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Friday, August 11, 2006
On the Latest Foiled Terrorist Plot
A couple insightful comments from Slashdot:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
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by Atario (673917) on Thursday August 10, @07:49PM (#15886395)

Airline security is a joke. And it's on us.

Next attack attempt: weapons/substances smuggled in via anally-inserted container

Response: All passengers must submit to anal probe prior to takeoff. You may request a same-sex examiner, but it may delay you further.

Next attack attempt: weapons/substances swallowed, produced in-flight either by regurgitation or timed bowel movement

Response: All passengers must submit to a 24-hour fasting/emetic/diuretic/laxative regimen before takeoff. Water will be provided; outside drinks not allowed. You must use the provided toilet facilities to ensure proper testing/inspection of waste.

Next attack attempt: a team of guys trained to bite effectively

Response: All passengers must have all teeth removed prior to takeoff. There will be two dentists on duty per airport to process the unprepared, but lines will be long, so plan ahead.

Next attack attempt: regular old martial arts

Response: Seats eliminated; all passengers shall be assigned a sealed 3' x 3' x 8' pen and will be locked in for duration of flight.

Next attack attempt: guys wait near airports with surface-to-air rockets

Response: All buildings/cities/people removed from all airports to a distance of five miles, and land paved (and landfill created, if near water); round-the-clock patrols and spotters emplaced, with orders to shoot on sight anyone straying from the single barbed-wire/barrier-encrusted access road.

Next attack attempt: bomb detonated and/or machine guns deployed in by-now immense crowd waiting to get through initial security checkpoint

Response: ????

How far does this idiocy go before we decide there must be a better way, folks? Hm?
Foreshadowing: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier...just as long as I'm the dictator..." -Bush

Re:Which side are you on?
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by shmlco (594907) on Thursday August 10, @09:35PM (#15886893)

"This news is about a STOPPED attack."

Well... just to be contrary... and putting on my tinfoil hat, the news is that, as far as we've been told, some 24 as yet unnamed people in London and Pakistan have been detained under anti-terror laws and can be held incommunicado for a month while investigation continues. The British government has said that an attack on trans-atlantic flights was imminent, but I've yet to hear about any actual bombs, materials, or detonators found.

Though if the ingredients are indeed "common" household chemicals, I've no doubt that some ex-girlfriend's bottle of peroxide in their medicine cabinet is now proof enough to get them sent away. Heck, I'VE got peroxide at home, AND I have a camera with a flash.

The point being that at this point in time there's a whole lot of pontification, and very few facts. Everyone, even Wired, is running the same damned AP article. And for some reason I'm strongly reminded of the other highly ballyhooed and recently foiled "plot", by individuals with no money, training, materials, plan, or even shoes...
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