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Friday, May 19, 2006
Shit List American Dog Balls Award Winner: Omni Capital Solutions
I've long held that 10-20% of the American economy is bullshit refi, telemarketing, day-trading, money-laundering, scam-artist small businesses. Today, I'm upping my projection to 20-30%.

Eliminate this vast gray market and we're just another stagnant European economy, without the vacation and other socialist benefits. In recognition of this vital yet utterly fetid part of the American economy, I'm starting my Shit List American Dog Balls Awards.

Omni Capital Solutions just war-dialed me with a pre-recorded message offering a $5000 credit "against future credit card sales." Sounds too good not to be some kind of sleazy rip-off.

Omni Capital Solutions
4342 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone (800) 810-3018
Fax (562) 799-7064

You can usually pick these dogs out by their crappy, half-assed websites. Congratulations, Omni Capital Solutions. You lick the dog's balls.