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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Haven't bothered to check whether the mysterious Hot Lead calls everyone is getting is related to this. But the timing is interesting. The Slashdot Summary:

FCC Opens Flood Gates for Junk Faxes

EmagGeek writes "The FCC implemented a Report and Order on Reconsideration (R&O on Recon) that uses some of the same exemptions for junk faxes that currently exist for the Do Not Call list. The new rules specify that junk faxers can claim an Existing Business Relationship (EBR) to justify flooding you with junk faxes. Under the new rules, a junk faxer could visit your website and call that an existing business relationship. The new rules also prevent junk-fax trapping, in which someone posts their fax number on the internet, waits for junk faxes, then files suit against the faxers under the TCPA. With all of the government-sponsored selling out of The People that has been going on in the past, say, 6 or so years, one has to wonder when or even if it is going to stop."

For story and comments, click here.

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Anonymous Monty Loree comments:
These new proposed TCPA rules are much better. It's crazy to have junk fax laws in the first place. I just wrote an article as to why I think it's impossible for any government to enforce any type of fax law.

It has to do with sales departments and marketing departments sending out single faxes to their prospects, giving the prospect a little better idea of who the sales person is.

Thousands of sales people send out individual "junk faxes" each day to prospects before they've even met. I've done it, and I know that it happens several thousand times per day... This is against the TCPA because it's promoting a product or service without permission.

See my junk fax article here:
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
yeah, feel free to post your fax number here, I'm sure you'll get plenty of people happy to send you a single fax giving you a little better idea how they feel about getting unsolicited faxes.