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Friday, April 07, 2006
Frum on Immigration
David Frum has a lot to answer for in this life and the next (and probably the 6 or 7 after that) for his "Axis of Evil" and "The Right Man : An Inside Account of the Bush White House" bullshit.

But he made my case against unregulated immigration on Marketplace yesterday:

Mexico holds the key to immigration woes

I don't begrudge illegal immigrants their hard work or their struggle. They are a problem -- but they're not at fault.

I also like the Mexican flag.

I think it's a lot prettier than the American flag.

But my question for the activists: if you really do have so much pride in your Mexican heritage that you want to wave that flag here in America, why aren't you trying to bring real progress and reform to Mexico itself? Making it easier for illegals to come here is a displacement strategy, in both the literal and Freudian senses of the word.

I also give Frum credit for his website:

Nicely understated. Conservative in the best sense of the word.