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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Norton Anti-Virus - Fired!
I sent the following email to Symantec support after problems installing an update for the anti-virus software I had just paid $30 for:

Upgrading to NAV 2005 is amazingly frustrating.

1. It could be a lot more seamlessly integrated with my current

2. It's painfully slow at 20kb/s

3. I've downloaded it twice and both times when I try to install, I get
an error saying that there are corrupt files and I need to reinstall.

I've wasted over an hour on this now. What I would like to do is cancel
my upgrade, refund the $5 difference, and simply renew the subscription
on my existing version. If you cannot do that, please cancel my order
altogether and I'll find another service.


This is the response I got:

Subject: Your message has been received! (KMM22703545V38705L0KM)

**************Please do not reply to this message!**************
***************Replies are automatically deleted!***************


This email is confirming your message was received by the online store's
Customer Care Center. However, due to possible objectionable language or
material, the message was automatically removed from our system. If you
feel this was done in error, we apologize.

Please re-send your message without the possible objectionable language
or materials at your earliest convenience. We will then be able to
assist you with your issue.


Customer Care Center
Case ID 9858774

**************Please do not reply to this message!**************
***************Replies are automatically deleted!***************

I suppose it would be the word "cancel" they found objectionable.

This doesn't inspire a lot of faith in their ability to protect my computer.
Blogger Tomohiro Idokoro comments:
Follow up: Symantec was quick with a refund.