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Friday, June 17, 2005
This guy may well be the greatest web designer that ever lived.
Blogger m comments:
The dance hall was pretty funny!
Blogger Bob Asbury comments:
So, I guess that you came across my website whilest preparing your blog entry about the honor box? Not only did I do the website, but in my "day job", I am in the same business as Honor Tray in the Carolinas. Hamid and Kurt, who own Honor Tray, are friends of mine, and the cute little cards that they leave that tell you that you're $67.00 short are my creation, too. I'm glad that M (or is it "m") found the dance hall funny. But it was supposed to be a poignant commentary of the way that society seems to always find fault in... no wait. That WAS supposed to be funny. It's BobTalk that is all poingnant and shit. Do you think that you can buy me a pony? We have a big back yard. Anyway thanks for the comment on my site. But I'm 46, so you have to help me, here. Is being on the Shit List good or bad?