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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Dickhead had to go and break the rule. And on an otherwise quite Wednesday afternoon.

Not only ignored the No Solicitors rule but followed up and then kept pressing it when I made it clear we weren't interested in his services and -- to top it off -- gave me a sarcastic thank you at the end. A sarcastic thank you! And you call yourself a District Sales Manager.

So I'm throwing him to the internet sharks:

Jeff Lambert
District Sales Manager
1407 N. Batavia Street, Suite 104
Orange, CA 92867
office 714.997.0623 x26
cell 714.904.7567
fax 714.844.4840

Feel free to give him a ring or drop him a fax or send him a holiday card informing him what an insulting prick he is.

Happy phishing!