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Friday, July 01, 2011
Phone Spam: 603-214-3653

Been getting calls from this number all week. Finally picked up. It sounded like a sophisticated computer program. I honestly couldn't tell if it was a human or a computer. When I tried to give it a Turing test, it hung up.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Hey. I'm getting calls from this number as well. And just like you, I can't tell if it is a human or computer. Funny, because I have been calling it my personal Turning test. I've tried speaking other languages, requesting him/it to repeat itself over and over, etc. I still can't tell. I've even tried insulting his/its mother. What did you try?
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Of course, I meant Turing.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
You'll like this...I sent this to all the listed telemarketers in another DNC complaint:

To whom this may concern,

If this is your company & phone #: 603-214-3653.... I'm turning in your computer/telemarketer (in Errol and Milan, NH) for Failure to Abide by the "Do Not Call list" LAWS....

E-v-e-r-y- t-i-m-e the #603-214-3653 calls my 916-XXX-XXX cellphone, you will get repeated emails (repeated emails) from me!!!!! Take my phone number off your lists immediately!!!!!!!! This is just a taste of what could come your way......

DO NOT MAKE ME MAD - I'm an old crone (with all of my wits); I promise I will follow through on this!!!!!! Take me off your phone lists NOW!

Carla N
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
PS: They all got at least 15 emails from me the first time!!! hahahahaha A taste of their own medicine...I will report any responses I get from them.

Carla N
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I got calls from this number (603-214-3653) twice today and it hung up on me when I answered.

I called it back and there is a recording saying to press "1" if you don't wish to get their calls.
I pressed one - we shall see.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Ok I updated this yesterday when I called back and dialed 1 to get them to stop. TODAY I GOT ANOTHER CALL!

This time I answered quickly and said hello twice so the computer would route me. The guy said he was with some "home protection" something and I immediately asked to be removed from their list.

Shame on them for calling my cellphone - I guess I need to go renew the number on the Do Not Call Registry. :<
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Mine are the two previous updates. Even after telling Tom to remove me from their call list, they called again today. (Third day 5th call) I thought Tom was a recording, and then he told me he is talking to me through a computer.

Even when I insisted they stop calling me he goes into his pitch about whether or not I have home security?!? WHY THE HELL WOULD I TELL SOME STRANGER CALLING ME WHETHER I HAVE HOME SECURITY?!
I had to hang up on him after telling him that I will be contacting the better business bureau.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
These jerks have been calling my cell for quite a while. Glad I found this post. I will start reporting them as well!
Anonymous Mike comments:
I stayed at the Days Inn in Norman, OK last night. I checked out this AM and got a call from this number at 2 PM. Coincidence? I think not. My guess is the hotel is selling the numbers of the guests that stay there to some spammer.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
I got calls from this number (603-214-3653) twice today and it hung up on me when I answered.

I called it back and there was no answer.