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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Phone Spam: 917-793-5694

"Hi, this is Cathy with financial freedom. You may recall receiving a letter saying you've been approved to consolidate your credit cards down to as low as 01.5% interest rate. This is not a new loan you've already been approved by a certified non profit agency. So if you can please have your statements ready when you call. My number is 1(800) 706-6208. Again, my name is Cathy and you can reach me at (800) 706-6208 until 10 tonight. Thanks and Have a great day."

Cathy, I hope you get a vaginal migraine.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
LMBO! That's the exact same message I got. Totally automated. I'm on the do not call list so I wonder how they are calling me...
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
"thanks Capitalism"

please -- this website is helpful, but to blame unwanted, unsolicited calls on Capitalism is a joke.
The moron who made that up needs to reevaluate their thinking.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Got the same message, but at least they waited until 9:45am to call. ALL spammers (email AND phone) MUST DIE!

Blogger Sunshine comments:
Aug 29th, 2011

Got a phone call today from this number. I answered but for some reason there was nobody there or perhaps Hurricane Irene's aftermath disconnected the call.

Sadly, I am one of those statistics of the gainfully unemployed and made the silly mistake of posting my resume on a couple of career websites and have been flooded with fake job scam e-mails as well as the calls from every fake career college imaginable claiming that I requested information about returning to school. No, I am looking for a career and no where did I ever check that little box for information. I checked the box NO THANK YOU.

The internet websites are and always will be there for every marketing tactic imaginable, everything from headhunter placement agencies and their non-existent job posts, multiple country job scams seeking money mules to deposit fake checks from their country into ours through your personal checking account. Most career websites find fault with your resume as a marketing tool to sell their resume writing services to the tune of anywhere from $89.00 to $400.00 and then after they reinvent "YOU" to the point that you don't even recognize yourself, you still do not manage to get an interview.

Love the responses from all of the commission only sales positions when no where on my resume did it say I had sales experience much less sell life insurance or convince people to invest in their retirement all while in a recession. Hey, buddy. People are losing their homes, can't pay their bills or eat. Then the jerk ads "we will teach you" but only after you spend all sorts of monies (yours not their's)for the classes, pass the Series 6 & 7 licensure test in an industry wrought with broker embezzlement in an unsettling stock market and in the middle of one of the worse mortgage foreclosure fraud case scenerios in our history (robo signing and will the real Linda Green please stand up?). ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Spammers, scammers and even STALKERS cruise the career websites as well as the social media websites. The information highway has and is one of marketings greatest tools so be careful of what you post.

Anonymous Anonymous comments:
lol saw this # in my missed calls good thing my phone was off
Blogger Eyes and Teeth comments:
These fuckers just called me. 6:30am! Bastards!
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
They called me, but did not say anything. It just hangs back up...can you even consider it spam?
Every morning at 9.45AM they call and hang up. Interesting, but how does this affect anything?
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
sunshine is an idiot.
Anonymous Anonymous comments:
Called me again. 3x this morning. Saw this site and thought, "HOLY MOLEY!" 630am then again 815am then just now! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! Get a real job losers!!