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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
The Olympics Reminds Us of the True Meaning of the Shit List
Heard this morning about Joey Cheek, the US speedskate who won gold and used his victory as a platform to promote humanitarian support for Sudanese refugees. He's giving all the money he wins -- at least $25,000 -- to a relief agency helping refugees. I'm not here to shit on his parade. I admire what he's done and even moreso the way in which he's doing it. He was earnest and articulate in his appeal. It is apparent that he not only thought this through, but is capable of thinking things through.

He invited sponsors to match his donations. So guess who was first to jump on the bandwagon? Swoosh. Did Nike match his $25,000 donation? No, they exceeded it by pledging $30,000 in products. $30,000, in products.

Of all the tacky, cheap, coroporate gestures! $30,000, in products! So Nike gets to free ride on the goodwill and publicity of this hard-earned gold medal by dumping surplus inventory on hapless refugee victims. Don't forget to throw in the free steak... fish.

Go to hell, Nike, and take Michael Jordan with you. Next time I step in shit, it will be in my old Chuck Taylors.

For more information on Joey Cheek and his donation, listen to the NPR story.