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Monday, February 20, 2006
Several calls from this phone number that last couple weeks -- even 1 or 2 messages (1 indecipherable, 1 left for a woman even though my message makes it very clear that I am not a woman with the name the caller was looking for.) I refuse to answer because I'm afraid it'll be used to validate my number on some malicious call list.

So who are these people and what are they up to?

Google searches:

8 Google results -- didn't click any of them as they all appear to be SEO fodder. (No blog search results -- yet...) Maybe I'll call back from my office number to see wtf's up with these jokers.

Update: Another call from number above. Caller left another message for Michelle (hey! didn't you hear my fucking message?) and asked for a call back at the number 800-347-3397. Both numbers go on my shit list: