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Monday, March 07, 2005
Tomohiro vs. The Governor
Hasn't been much scoring on either side lately. The Gov. threatened to put a couple points up on the board with his proposal to get rid of junk food at public schools (an oft hashed idea, but never with this much political clout -- clod? -- behind it before) and his maverick acknowledgement of steroid use. But he backtracked on the latter, and the former is probably just a way to further distract attention from the nonchalant steroid endorsements.

Tomohiro, on the other hand, scores big today. Today's Quotation of the Day from the New York Times:


"I don't need any money; I have plenty. This is why it is easier for me to take this money."
- GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, on political fund-raising.

This almost a two-point round for me.

Indeed, the hubris is so hyperbolic that I'm a little scared that it may end up being a winner for him. You know how much Americans nowadays love arrogant, unapologetic rich hypocrites.

Tomohiro 8
The Governor 8