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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Remember this?

The early Valentine's gift I got for myself?

The fucking thing still hasn't arrived!

I order it through some merchant, music_media, on Amazon because Amazon itself didn't have any ready for next day shipment. I emailed the merchant for a second time yesterday requesting a tracking number. This is the response I got:

Tomohiro. This one came back on 2/29 we shipped a new one to you this Morning at 5: A,M. came backing 10 pieces and the disc missing., no expense to you , thanks Bibi, about 5 Business days to you ,

Oh, no charge to me? That's fucking generous of you.

Probably a couple of Florida trailer park rube who set up this Amazon front as a side business to their weekend flea market operations.

Now I can't even respond to their cracker email because Gmail isn't working. Nothing's going right! I'm madder than Ray Davies in a recording studio with his brother.