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Monday, October 25, 2004
Church People
Had some business at a church today. It was also a grade school which made my presence doubly blasphemous I suppose. The church office was labeled "church office." From the inside, it looked a lot like any other office -- which made it all the more unsettling. Cubicles, computers, beeping phones. Maybe a little less religious paraphernalia than the average American workplace.

Church people are funny. I know that sounds condescending. But I figure anyone who believes in a higher power expects a certain amount of condescension. Maybe not from me. But, hell, I'm there in a pinch.

In the church office, there was an old woman talking with two church secretaries about her dead husband in heaven. The women were sympathetic -- probably because they could see her husband in heaven more or less as she described it. On my way out, I noticed that they had been joined by a man who looked rather like the boss from "The Office." I grinned a bit demonically imagining how he'd react to this situation.